Touring & Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual is divided into six distinct sections: Background, Relationships, Anxiety Depression and Crisis Management, Stress Trauma Addiction and Eating Disorders, Bodily Health, and finally Self-Care, Preparation and Recovery.

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Part I: Background

1. What is Mental Health? by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

2. Mind-body Connections by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

3. The Development of Mental Health by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

4. Mental Health in the Music Business by Jeordie Shenton, MSc

5. Healthy Touring by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

Part II: Relationships 

6. Group Dynamics and Mindset by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

7. Why Bands Fail by Dr Louis D. Cox, PhD

8. Romantic Relationships by Dr Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT

9. Anger and Conflict by Whitney O’Malley, MA, LMFT and Jodi Milstein, LMFT, LPCC

Part III: Anxiety, Depression and Crisis Management

10. Anxiety by Dr Martin N. Seif, PhD

11. Music Performance Anxiety by Professor Dianna T. Kenny, PhD, FAPsS

12. Depression by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

13. Mental Health Conversations and Crisis Management by Whitney O’Malley, MA, LMFT

Part IV: Stress, Trauma, Addiction and Eating Disorders

14. Stress, Coping and Resilience by Dr Susan D. Raeburn, PhD

15. Musicians and Trauma by Professor Paula Thomson, PsyD

16. Addiction and Recovery by Dr Susan D. Raeburn, PhD

17. Sex and Porn Addiction by Dr Paula Hall, DPsych

18. Eating Disorders by Dr Charlie Easmon, MRCP

Part V: Bodily Health

19. General Health by Dr S Arun-Castro MRCEM MRCGP MPH

20. Sexual Health by Sital Panesar, MA, MBACP

21. Vocal Health by Lucy Heyman, MSc

22. Hearing Health by Dr Gladys Akinseye, AuD

23. Sleep by Tom Middleton, MHFA

24. Nutrition by Emmaline Rasmussen, MS, RDN, E-RYT

Part VI: Self-Care, Preparation and Recovery

25. Body in Motion by Helen Frances

26. Breathwork by Marcus Blacker, MA

27. Meditation by Rob da Bank

28. Peak Performance by Lucy Heyman, MSc

29. Dealing with the Media by Peter Robinson, PGDip, MBACP

30. Post-tour Recovery by Tamsin Embleton, MA, MBACP

Bonus online-only chapter

31. Fear of Flying by Martin N. Seif, PhD, ABPP. Click here to download a PDF (or here to read it online).