Praise for the book

“The life of a musical artist can be a magnificent thing when you’re on stage experiencing the enthusiasm and appreciation for your work and seeing first-hand the incredible impact it can have…. There are however another 22 and a half hours in the day when you are not performing. Being away from home and the watchful eye of your loved ones can be incredibly hard work mentally as you go around the world at a pace dictated by the tour. Having what is effectively a mental health wellness manual to keep yourself in check is a wonderful initiative.”

Nile Rodgers

“This is THE definitive handbook for artists and touring professionals to stay healthy on the road. No tour or dressing room should be without it.”

Greg Parmley, CEO of LIVE, ILMC and IQ Magazine

“In researching and writing this manuscript, Tamsin Embleton and her vast network of colleagues created an all-encompassing guide to the touring lifestyle from each vantage point – the artist, band, crew and even the families left at home.  This book should be required reading for every collegiate institution teaching music performance or technology.  Because while we all know the incredible talent + practice it takes to both create the art and perform said art, we rarely have a complete overview of the more difficult and defining parts of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual toll it takes on the people who bring said art to life.  This is indeed a manual for touring, and will be a great resource for venues, tour busses, green rooms, management offices and even families to keep on hand…just as we will at The Roadie Clinic.  Thank you for this incredible gift to our community.”

Courtney Klimson, Executive Director, The Roadie Clinic

“Tamsin is an expert in the field of touring and mental health, having been a musician, and worked as a booker and tour manager, she is now a qualified psychotherapist and founder of the Music Industry Therapist Collective. Her book ‘Touring and Mental Health’ breaks down the realities of being human while touring, and the remedies to it. It’s essential reading for touring crew and artists.  The advice from established touring crew, artists and health professionals who have contributed to the book will be invaluable to improving the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of those “on the road”. Whether you are battling with sleep deprivation, anxiety, addictions or back problems – this book has the answers!”

Remi Harris MBE (Director Remi Harris Consulting, Creative Industries Trainer and Coach)

“It’s like having a therapist in your back pocket. It helped deepen my understanding of myself as a performer and how the demands of the music business can take a toll.”

Siobhan Donaghy, Sugababes

“I wish this book had been around when I first started touring. Touring and Mental Health can really help us all navigate the darker moments and the bumps in the road out on tour. The insights, wisdom and strategies from the mental health and medical experts, the tour crew, and musicians in this book are invaluable. It should be the first thing we all pack when we head out on the road.”

Philip Selway, Radiohead

“An essential must-read for absolutely everyone involved with the music industry. At last, an honest and revelatory document that highlights the complexities with life on the road and existing as an artist in the public eye, capturing all the highs, lows and in-betweens. Featuring show-stopping advice and support throughout from a wealth of sources, it’s an artefact that every individual pursuing a career in the arts should keep permanently on their tourbus and home bookshelves alike.”

Toby L, Founder Transgressive Records, Publishing and Management

“Tamsin Embleton has written the perfect book at the perfect time.  We, in the touring industry, have never really addressed or embraced the aspect of mental health in the touring industry and now is the time to do it.  During the pandemic there was really no one to turn to or talk to. It’s time to address the mental health needs of all the men and woman in the touring industry.  We have to start taking care of those that tour with us so that we can continue to grow the industry and inspire others to join us.”

Marty Hom (Tour Manager Fleetwood Mac, Shakira, Beyoncé)

“Few people could write with such depth, authority, insight and humanity on such an important topic. Reading Tamsin’s words significantly improved my depth of understanding about the multiple dimensions of touring, mental health, self, others and so much more. And we all need this! This book should be a compulsory purchase for anyone who spends time on the road (or sends others out there). It can add decades to a career, give wisdom to the most exhausted mind, and offer encouragement to every burdened heart. I truly believe Tamsin’s tour de force will do precisely what she intended – help those of us who love live music to “enjoy healthier and happier tours”.”

James Ainscough, CEO Help Musicians UK

“Although most musicians comport themselves brilliantly on stage, behind the scenes many suffer from deep psychological distress, not least in the wake of the pandemic.  Tamsin Embleton has created a remarkable encyclopaedia of wisdom about the challenges of mental health within the music industry.  This impressive book needs to be read by every single artist and every single psychological worker as well.”

Professor Brett Kahr, Senior Fellow, Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, London, and Visiting Professor of Psychoanalysis and Mental Health, Regent’s University London, and Honorary Director of Research, Freud Museum London.

“Our industry is fraught with conditions that wear down one’s ability to care for themselves and each other, a long excepted consequence of life on the road.

Whether artist or those who support them, the endeavor of the music business exposes all manner of mental and physical vulnerabilities that sometimes take all too great a toll. Thankfully, as the industry begins to grapple with these issues more honestly than ever before, we are blessed with professionals like Tamsin whose passionate commitment will result in a brighter, healthier future. 

Touring and Mental Health is a must read for anyone considering the journey and for those who already are.”

— Jim Digby, President/Founder Event Safety Alliance

“It’s never been more important to be open and honest about the real toll touring can take. Tamsin’s passion and expertise in music make this a compelling read for artists and industry professionals alike. Touring and Mental Health will help become indispensable reading for all those navigating the complexities of life on the road.”

— Joe Frankland, CEO, PRS Foundation

“Protecting the mental wellbeing of ourselves and the people around us should always be our first priority on the road. Upskill where it matters most and read this book before your next tour.”

— Hannah Broderick, Women in Live Music

“Richly researched and well-crafted, Touring and Mental Health is a comprehensive guide to attaining and sustaining personal well-being in the live music industry. In Tamsin Embleton, the music industry has found an authoritative voice to explain the many facets of mental health and neurodiversity in the context of the sector. While being thorough, the guide is easy to understand and so accessible to everyone. This guide will likely give many who read it their own ‘ah-ha’ moments as they see – perhaps for the first time – that the mental health challenges they or someone they know are having, actually have a name – and most importantly – a solution too. This makes the manual essential reading for anyone working in the (live) music industry who’s keen to protect their mental health and that of those with whom they work.”

— Tristan Hunt, Music Industry ADHD Coach

“The timing of this book could not be more relevant. It’s common knowledge that working in the music industry isn’t ‘naturally euphoric’ all of the time, and that was before Brexit, the pandemic, and the cost of living crisis.  You’ve only got to cast your eye over the list of contributors and experts involved to realise the depth in which Tamsin has gone to create this book, it’s genuinely outstanding. The multitude of subjects covered from addiction, stress & relationships on the road, to meditation, dealing with the media and post-tour-recovery, means that whether it’s for personal use or to help someone you know, it has something for absolutely everyone. 

It’s encouraging that such an influential company like Live Nation takes the topic of Touring and Mental Health so seriously with their sponsoring of the book, I’ve always believed in a people-first approach.”

— Gaby Cartwright, LIVE (Live music Industry, Venues and Entertainment)

“A life on the road can be a lonely one, but with this book by your side it gets that bit easier to bear the bad times between the good.”

— Leon Hart, Head of Casework, The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain

“This is essential reading for the music industry, providing a deep dive into the complexities, struggles and challenges of life on the road. We need to develop a much better understanding of the pressures of touring so we are more able to offer the support artists, crew and technicians need. This book moves the conversation forward in giant leaps and is a must read for anyone in the venue and touring sector.”

— Mark Davyd, CEO/Founder, Music Venue Trust

“Being an artist is not simply a job, it is an identity and a calling; something that makes up the fibre of each person who follows that path. Whilst there are undoubtedly highs along the journey, every single artist has experienced the challenges, the low times and the sheer pressure that comes alongside the elation, a juxtaposition that is particularly pronounced in the touring environment. I’m happy that the music industry is finally opening up about the realities facing those whose lives are impacted by being on the road. Tamsin’s book is an expert deep dive into the mental health and wellbeing challenges of touring, and is packed full of essential knowledge, case studies and advice. No touring professional should be without ‘Touring and Mental Health – The Music Industry Manual’.”

— David Martin, CEO, Featured Artists Coalition

“Touring and Mental Health: Music Industry Manual is a MUST READ for everyone working in the music industry: musicians (first and foremost) but also tour managers, road crew, spouses, support staff, agents, music teachers, arts administrators, even public relations staff.

This manual is long overdue and addresses the many challenges faced by all musicians while offering essential information and practical advice. The goal of the book is to help musicians build a healthier, more productive and satisfying work/life balance. In reality, Touring and Mental Health is a survival guide that the music industry has desperately needed but has never had. Now it does

Comprehensive in scope, the book is divided into six parts, each addressing key issues faced by musicians such as work and personal relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, eating disorders and performance anxiety. It also covers general health considerations such as sleep and nutrition as well as music-specific medical conditions such as vocal and hearing health. The chapters by Dr. Dianna Kenny on music performance anxiety, Dr. Susan Raeburn on stress and addiction and Dr. Paula Thompson on trauma are essential reading and offers clear guidelines for getting help

Among the most insightful chapters is “How Successful Bands Fail” by Dr. Louis D. Cox, PhD which serves as cautionary tale about how even successful bands can rapidly disintegrate. Cox, a clinical psychologist, details the core reason: “Group communication is critical to sustaining success—as is an understanding of how egos get in the way of communication”. Cox goes on to list 13 “radical principles for sustaining high performance teamwork”. Band leaders and tour managers take note, the life of the band is in your hands.

Edited by Tamsin Embleton, a mental health counselor and former tour manager with contributions from a range of experts with long experience in the music industry, this book provides a call to action for the music industry to face its challenges and follow the directives being offered.

Touring and Mental Health is destined to become the bible for touring musicians and bands everywhere.”

— Patrick Gannon, PhD, Clinical and Performance Psychologist at