TPG’s Music Touring Mental Health Charter

Tour Production Group has produced a Music Touring Mental Health Charter, which they hope will be embraced by all corners of the live music community, as well as their members.

Music Touring Mental Health Charter

With this Code of Conduct, we are agreeing to support positive mental & physical well-being within ourtouring community, and to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery offering support where possible. Our collective aim is to include as many of these initiatives as we can:

  • To create an environment where team members feel comfortable to come forward with problems and seek assistance.
  • To provide nominated ‘go to’ persons accessible to anyone in need of emotional support, whatever the issue and in confidence, with the number appropriate to the size of the tour and not only those in managerial positions.
  • To recruit the right person for the job without discrimination and to use best endeavours to support those with all types of social difficulties.
  • To encourage positive working relationships and good communication across all departments e.g. proper introductions, buddying-up, and mentoring.
  • To foster an environment of inclusivity and to challenge discrimination in all its forms with a zero tolerance for bullying.
  • To acknowledge that travel days are not necessarily ‘rest days’ and to use best endeavours to incorporate an appropriate number of rest days into tour routing at the planning stage.
  • To schedule breaks during show days and encourage tour personnel to use this time in a positive way – get fresh air, call home, exercise etc. Later load ins are to be encouraged once tours are up and running and the working day’s protocol established.
  • To encourage physical exercise and general well-being. Where possible book hotels with gyms and share local exercise resources with tour personnel.
  • On days off, aiming for social arrangements that encompass everyone, including those in recovery.
  • To provide healthy food and drink options on catering riders, including non-alcoholic beverages and forspecific dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, non-dairy).
  • Aim to include trained Mental Health First Aiders within the team and to support training where none is available.
  • To make mental health information readily available with signposting to resources within itineraries or in shared tour advance information.
  • To be solutions-oriented and discourage blame.

If your tour signs up for these initiatives, please let us know. If possible, include them in the Tour Book and display them where they can be seen so that everyone can be a part of it.