Covid-19 Travel Planning, by Dr S Arun-Castro, MRCEM MRCGP MPH

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, different countries applied different national infection control strategies.  

These have included outright travel bans, restrictions to entry and requirements to produce evidence of recent negative testing (fit-to-fly Covid-passports). Strategies also involved mandatory quarantine periods on arrival and expected engagement in tracing apps or visitor registers to monitor movements and contacts. Fines were often put in place, variably enforced depending on local authorities. 

At the time of writing, changes in Covid-19 strains, vaccine uptake and efficacy and public health policies continue to evolve, but rather than getting bogged down in specifics that may be obsolete by the time you read this I will signpost you to some resources below that may be of help when planning your tour.  

  • International Air Transport Association: COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map at (Breaks down latest guidance and rules for each country.) 
  • World Tourism Organization (UNWTO):